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NFP Insurance Solutions is an independent insurance advisory firm specializing in risk management and life insurance solutions for the high net worth community.

We work with clients and their advisors to craft custom insurance solutions to help grow and preserve their wealth. We have earned a reputation within the advisor community as one of the best resources to structure large, complicated insurance transactions.


Our knowledgeable team of professionals have strong backgrounds in estate planning, public accounting, advanced case design, and advanced underwriting. We are able to blend disciplines together to better communicate with advisors and their clients. Our independence and experience allows us to effectively leverage and personalize complex solutions that can help ensure our clients leave a legacy that lasts for generations.


Our advanced planning team maintains a broad knowledge of the life insurance product landscape. Our planning specialists work closely in collaboration with our insurance advisors to identify and implement sophisticated insurance-based estate, business, charitable, and retirement planning concepts and strategies. We believe it is important to ensure that every case design is constructed with the client’s best interest in mind. 


Underwriting is the critical component on how cases are priced. Our large footprint offers us the ability to negotiate with carriers and we are committed to consult with experts on behalf of our clients. Additionally, our expertise in underwriting allows us to look at each client’s health and financial situation individually to get the best rating possible. 


We have a robust service platform that allows us to maintain and service clients and advisors post sale. Based on a client’s situation we will review inforce illustrations on an annual basis to help ensure that their policies are performing as expected.

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Our team of premier specialists work in concert with our clients and their advisors to create custom insurance, benefit and business planning insurance portfolios to help preserve their wealth.

Howard E. Sharfman
Senior Managing Director
Jordan Berger, CPA, J.D.
Managing Director
Roger Brooks, CLU, ChFC
Managing Director
John Irvin
Managing Director
Larry Lubin
Managing Director
Guy Zomick, J.D.
Managing Director
Nathan S. Hobaugh, CLU, ChFC
Director of Variable Products
Warren McGuire
Managing Director
Steve Schaumberger
Managing Director
Devra Gerber
Ferne L. Landman, CLU
Director of Operation
Narra Megli, CFA, CFP®
Senior Manager, Case Design and Products
Sam Griffin
Marketing Manager
Gwendolyn Daniel
Senior Underwriter
Melissa Vandenbark
Executive Assistant
Howard E. Sharfman, Senior Managing Director
Zoey Rosuck
Marketing Coordinator
Joyce Sizemore
Customer Service Representative