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"Clients don't care how much you know
until they know how much you care."
~ David Maister, Harvard Business School

  • NFP Insurance Solutions develops life insurance planning strategies

  • Our independence and transparency assures strategies are developed with your best interest in mind

  • We review initial analysis with your advisors and determine next steps

  • We work with you and your advisor on gathering information and any inforce coverage authorizations

  • Initial underwriting assessment

  • We work with both you and your advisor to select the most appropriate insurance plan

  • Begin the insurance underwriting and examination process

  • Collaborate with carriers and negotiate best offers through longstanding relationships

  • Receive the best possible underwriting and carrier outcomes

  • Place coverage and provide client with new coverage summary

  • We have secure, proprietary technology, and software to assist with:

    • Storing and transferring of confidential medical and financial documents to carriers for underwriting

    • Compiling and analyzing carrier products and illustrations

    • Providing ongoing client service through our secure database  

Ongoing Client Service
  • Monitor existing policies to help ensure coverage is performing as illustrated

  • Update policies as life changes occur i.e. owner/beneficiary changes, changes in death benefit, premium, etc.  All changes are confirmed and documented in client file

  • Engage with advisor and/or you over time to assess any life changes that could trigger changes to your life insurance plan

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