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Success Story of the Month: From LIRP to Legacy

Quick Facts

  • Age: 53

  • Client goal: To leave at least $1M to the daughter after taking lifetime income from the policy

  • How the client was found: Client is a referral from an estate planning attorney

  • Income / Net-Worth: $5M+

  • Health: Excellent

Concept Presented

Accumulation IUL with term rider

Problem(s) Solved

  • Client wanted to make sure at least $1M death benefit remained after taking distributions from the policy during her lifetime

  • Policy was designed with a term rider that maintained death benefit

  • At client’s life expectancy, death benefit is projected at nearly $6M with zero distributions; $1M with $2.3M of lifetime distributions

Key points we have spoken about:

  • LIRP

  • IUL's

  • Term Riders

  • Death Benefit

  • Distributions

  • Retirement

The legacy is secured; retirement is protected



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